Welcome to SnipsKit’s documentation.

SnipsKit is a Python library with some helper tools to work with the voice assistant Snips. This can be used by Snips apps or other programs that work with Snips.

With SnipsKit, you can create Snips apps without having to write much boilerplate code. The simplest example of an app using SnipsKit is the following:

from import HermesSnipsApp
from import intent

class SimpleSnipsApp(HermesSnipsApp):

    def example_intent(self, hermes, intent_message):
                                   "I received ExampleIntent")

if __name__ == "__main__":

And that’s it! No need to connect to an MQTT broker, no need to register callbacks, because the HermesSnipsApp class:

  • reads the MQTT connection settings from the snips.toml file;
  • connects to the MQTT broker;
  • registers the method with the intent decorator as a callback method for the intent ‘User:ExampleIntent’;
  • starts the event loop.

SnipsKit also has decorators for other events, and there’s also a class MQTTSnipsApp to listen to MQTT topics directly. Moreover, SnipsKit also gives the app easy access to:

  • the Snips configuration;
  • the Hermes or MQTT connection object;
  • the assistant’s configuration;
  • the app’s configuration.


SnipsKit is currently alpha software. Anything may change at any time. The public API should not be considered stable.

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