Source code for snipskit.components

"""This module contains a class to create components to communicate with Snips.

A Snips component (a subclass of :class:`.SnipsComponent`) can communicate with
Snips services. There are two subclasses of :class:`.SnipsComponent` in other

- :class:``: a Snips component
  using the Hermes Python library;
- :class:`snipskit.mqtt.components.MQTTSnipsComponent`: a Snips component using
  the MQTT protocol directly.

.. note::
   If you want to create a Snips app with access to an assistant's
   configuration and a configuration for the app, you need to instantiate a
   :class:`.HermesSnipsApp` or :class:`.MQTTSnipsApp` object, which is a
   subclass of :class:`.HermesSnipsComponent` or :class:`.MQTTSnipsComponent`
   respectively, adding `assistant` and `config` attributes. See the module

from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod

from snipskit.config import SnipsConfig

[docs]class SnipsComponent(metaclass=ABCMeta): """Connect with a Snips instance and give access to a Snips configuration. This is an `abstract base class`_. You don't instantiate an object of this class, but an object of one of its subclasses: :class:`.HermesSnipsComponent` or :class:`.MQTTSnipsComponent` .. _`abstract base class`: Attributes: snips (:class:`.SnipsConfig`): The Snips configuration. """
[docs] def __init__(self, snips=None): """Initialize a Snips component. Args: snips (:class:`.SnipsConfig`, optional): a Snips configuration. If the argument is not specified, a default :class:`.SnipsConfig` object is created for a locally installed instance of Snips. """ if not snips: snips = SnipsConfig() self.snips = snips self._connect() self.initialize() self._start()
@abstractmethod def _connect(self): """Connect with Snips. This method should be implemented in a subclass of :class:`.SnipsComponent`. """ pass
[docs] def initialize(self): """If you have to initialize a component in your subclass of :class:`.SnipsComponent`, add your code in this method. It will be called between connecting to Snips and starting the event loop. """ pass
@abstractmethod def _start(self): """Connect with Snips. This method should be implemented in a subclass of :class:`.SnipsComponent`. """ pass