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"""This module contains some useful tools for the snipskit library."""

from pathlib import Path

[docs]def find_path(paths): """Given a search path of files or directories with absolute paths, find the first existing path. Args: paths (list): A list of strings with absolute paths. Returns: string: The first path in the list `paths` that exists, or `None` if none of the paths exist. Example: The following example works if the file system has a file /usr/local/etc/snips.toml (e.g. on macOS with Snips installed): >>> find_path(['/etc/snips.toml', '/usr/local/etc/snips.toml']) '/usr/local/etc/snips.toml' """ for name in paths: path = Path(name) if path.exists(): return str(path.resolve()) # If none of the paths in the search path are found in the file system, # return None. return None